OHI Annual World Convention

1:00 PM | Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018 – Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018
Sheraton Kansas City Hotel at Crown Center, Kansas City, Missouri

This 20th Annual Oxford House World Convention provides a place for us to celebrate our successes, share experiences and come together as a family in unity. There are 25 breakout sessions in which specific aspects of addiction and recovery will be discussed. The World Council elections that take place this weekend affirms the democratic foundation of the entire organization.

You have worked hard this year, sustaining your recovery; participating in the democratically self-run, self-supported system of operations that make Oxford House unique and we hope you are gearing up for a truly memorable convention experience.

Learn ​first-hand ​from ​Oxford ​House ​residents ​and ​alumni ​how ​to ​expand ​or ​start ​Oxford ​Houses ​in ​your ​area. ​NIAAA ​and ​NIDA ​studies ​show ​the ​cost-effectiveness ​of ​the ​Oxford ​House ​movement. ​Help ​expand ​the ​number ​of ​houses ​from ​over ​2,000 ​to ​10,000 ​or ​more. ​The ​need ​is ​great ​and ​after ​42 ​years ​of ​experience ​the ​concept, ​the ​protocol ​and ​the ​implementation ​is ​proven!



8:30 AM | Sat, June 1, 2019 | English Landing Park

Whether you’ve watched a loved one struggle with addiction or have personally experienced a substance use disorder, we believe that everyone deserves a little Grace™. We invite you to come together with other walkers and runners from our community—supporting those who have lost a loved one to addiction and honoring those who are currently living in recovery. Save the date for next years’ GRACE Race 5k/10k ( Saturday, June 1, 2019) and together, we can make strides in improving the quality and availability of Oxford Houses™ in Missouri.

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