Oxford Houses provide a safe and sober environment for those who are recovering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. They offer support through peers who love and understand one another. They instill hope, compassion and purpose. Most of all, they afford grace to those who need it most.

Join our mission to provide hope through safe, sober living in the state of Missouri; because home is where the heart is.


To provide safe, sober living – giving recovering addicts a chance to evolve.


To provide housing and assist recovering addicts in transition to healthy living by improving the quality and availability of Oxford Houses™ in Missouri.


Hope, Compassion and Grace.


Watching my beautiful, young and talented daughter spiral downward with drugs was the most difficult thing in my life. Watching her fight to climb out of addiction was exhilarating. Watching her relapse was heartbreaking. Thus began the emotional roller coaster of my life as the parent of an addict. But that’s just the effect on me, I cannot begin to imagine the cruel and painful ride it has been for my daughter.

We must do something to help addicts fight for their lives. We must help them on their journey towards a fulfilling life. We must give them the grace they deserve.

– Rob Elsey, Co-Founder of In the Name of GRACE

It started with a simple question.

Why does Missouri have so few Oxford Houses™ (transitional living for recovering addicts)?

Who We Are

In the Name of GRACE™ is a nonprofit organization that gives hope to recovering addicts. We raise funds and advocate for Oxford House™ giving recovering addicts a chance to evolve from dependence to independence.

Our mission is to provide hope through safe, sober living in the Kansas City area of Missouri; because home is where the heart is.

One of our objectives is to keep our residents living in their Oxford House™ for a minimum of 18 months, which statistically shows that they will have an 87% chance of remaining clean and sober five years later.

Every dollar donated goes directly to our outreach operations, which provide stability and structure for Oxford Houses™ in the Kansas City metropolitan area. These provide accountability, collaboration, peer mentoring, life recovery coaching, and assistance in restoring families of residents who have lost custody of children and/or have broken family relationships due to addiction. Additionally, through our outreach operations, we form strategic partnerships with private investors to open new Oxford Houses™ in good neighborhoods.


In the Name of GRACE is founded and takes over 10 houses, raising them to Oxford House™ standards

4 “Sick” Houses closed
1 House relocated
6 new Houses opened
4 new Houses by the end of 2019
Total: 12 Houses, with 99 residents

Our Goal: 20 houses opened by the end of 2020

Providing 194 beds to men and women who have an average length of sobriety of 710 days.


Each House: 6-12 residents | Average stay: 8.3 months

* The Houses for women with children, first opened in January 2019, are the first of their kind in Missouri.

In addition to the 194 residents, providing sober living homes impacts the residents’ extended families, friends, employers, and more. Over time, the ripple effect reaches thousands in our community and beyond.

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